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Conan RPG: Conan and the Lurking Terror of Nahab

Conan and the Lurking Terror of Nahab

An adventure that not only sets the characters against a monster, but into the thick of local intrigues as well.

Publisher's blurb: "Nestled at the feet of the Karpash Mountains in Corinthia, on the Road of Kings is a bustling city run by noble landlords and toiled by thousands of peasants from all walks of life - Nahab. Nahab has seen mercenary hordes pillage their lands, droughts that killed crops and brought about famine and more bloody infighting between the noble houses in the past twenty years than anywhere else in the troubled territory. All of these things have made it a difficult place to live if you do not have one of the thirteen powerful families backing your name, but things run rather smoothly under their constant supervision and heavy taxation.

"All of that may be about to change.

"Something dark and sinister has targeted the streets of Nahab, a creature most foul, a many who have crossed its path lie in ruin after it has passed. It is a true Terror, and the people of Nahab will not find protection or solace in the trained military forces of the nobility. They must instead look to the wayward adventurers that stop in Nahab after the long journey through the Karpashs, hoping that worldly travellers will be able to stop what no one else seems to be capable of."

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Authors: Vincent Darlage and Eric K. Rodriguez
Publishers' Reference: MGP7718
ISBN: 1-905471-01-7
Paperback, 32 pages
Date: January 2006

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Product page last updated: 25 December 2006