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Conan RPG


Ever since Conan's sandalled feet trod their way across Hyboria - or at least, since role-players first began to cast around for good literary resources - people have produced Conan games using different systems.

The first, naturally enough, came from TSR with their Conan the Barbarian game in 1985... although I'm sure I wasn't the only person to be playing Conan's adventures using the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons ruleset!

Then came a D20 version from Mongoose Publishing, which recreates the feel of Conan's world - despite being fantasy it's quite unlike typical fantasy worlds - extremely well. A Second Edition of Mongoose's game was released under the OGL in late 2007.

The latest incarnation comes from Modiphius...

TSR Mongoose 1e Mongoose 2e
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Setting Page last updated: 11 June 2016