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Babylon 5 1e: Ship Plans 2 - Primus

Ship Plans 2: Primus

One of the Centauri's finest battle ships in exquisite detail.

Publisher's blurb: "Second only to the Octurion-class battleship, the Primus is a testament to the might and power the Centauri once wielded in the galaxy. One of the strongest front line vessels found among the younger races, Primus battlecruisers mount a variety of weapons, permitting them to engage almost any enemy with a good chance of victory. The Primus was the hull of choice when it came to construct the Emperor's personal cruiser and it has since become one of the most common ships in the Republic's fleet with several variants ensuring it will remain in service for decades more to come. It is said to lack the powerful secondary armament usually found in ships of this size which often leads enemy Captains to close range when engaging but the powerful battle lasers mounted on the Primus are more than capable of crippling an enemy as he manoeuvres to attack."

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Author: Brandon Bray
Publishers' Reference: MGP3358
ISBN: 1-905471-61-0
Paperback, pages
Date: 2006

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Product page last updated: 3 December 2006