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Dungeons & Dragons: The Tower of Janazar

The Tower of Janazar

Presenting a wizard's tower taken from the streets of the Great City, this work makes good use of the advanced skills of 0one Games's programmers in PDF creation, with the familiar ability to set encounter levels and tailor the appearance of the maps to suit your needs.

The entire tower and its inhabitants are presented in compelling detail, with endearing features such as a kitchen filled with animated utensils busy about the preparation of the next meal. Like most chefs, they'll turn on you if interrupted in their work! The rest facilities are equally ingenious: outwardly far too modern but conceivable in a world where magic really works. You can really imagine a wizard and his entourage actually living here even when your adventurers are not coming calling.

Unfortunately the evocative text is spoiled by numerous errors, some poor English and others merely sloppy proof-reading.

While specific adventure seeds are provided, the whole text is replete with things that can easily spawn ideas in an inventive DM's mind. Descriptions of the inhabitants and regular visitors are separated from the D20 stat blocks, so that it is easy to incorporate the Tower into another game system if preferred.

Overall, it is an excellent example of how to create a coherent location, populated with likely inhabitants and all ready for use with minimal preparation.

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Reviewed: 19 November 2006