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Earthdawn: Blades


Blades is a campaign storyline for Earthdawn. The five linked adventures in this book lead the characters on a search for the key knowledges of the Blades of Cara Fahd. Blades is intended for Fifth to Ninth Circle characters of any Discipline.

Publisher's blurb:

"Eight We Are,
Eight We Shall Be.
United, Indivisible, Eternally.
In Fear Shall The Foes of Fahd Be Kept.
The Step of Eight Feet In One Footstep.
To One Another, Our Fates Are Threaded.
To Legendry, Our Tales Be Headed.

"So reads the first clue to the mysterious past of the Blades of Cara Fahd, set of near-identical daggers forged in the time before the Scourge. A quest to learn the history of the Blades and unlock their magical power takes the daggers' new owners across Barsaive, from the ancient ork kingdom of Cara Fahd to the dark heart of the Tylon Mountains. But the Blades also hold a terrible secret, long lost to time and memory, that threatens to wreak havok throughout all of Barsaive!"

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Authors: Teeuwynn Woodruff, Robin D. Laws, Nicole Lindroos Frein, and Samuel Witt
Publishers' Reference: FAS6307
ISBN: 1-5560-302-5
Paperback, 103 pages
Date: 1995

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Product page last updated: 9 January 2007