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FASA Corporation Product List

FASA Corporation

Dr Who

  • FAS9001: Dr Who RPG
  • FAS9101: The Daleks
  • FAS9102: The Master
  • FAS9103: The Cybermen
  • FAS9104: The Sontarans
  • FAS9201: The Iytean Menace
  • FAS9202: The Lords of Destiny
  • FAS9203: Countdown
  • FAS9204: The Hartlewick Horror
  • FAS9205: The Legion of Death
  • FAS9206: City of Gold
  • FAS9207: Warriors Code
  • FAS9208: Sands of Terror



  • FAS1607: Mechwarrior: The Battletech RPG
  • FAS1716: Mechwarrior's Guide to Solaris VII

Star Trek RPG

  • FAS2001: Star Trek RPG 1st Edn
  • Star Trek RPG 2nd Edn
  • FAS2002: The Klingons
  • FAS2005: The Romulans
  • FAS2006: Star Trek III Starship Combat Game
  • FAS2007: The Triangle
  • FAS2008: The Orions
  • FAS2011: The Federation
  • FAS2012: Next Generation Officer's Manual
  • FAS2014: Star Fleet Intelligence Manual Agent Orientation Sourcebook
  • FAS2201: The Vanished
  • FAS2202: Witness for the Defence
  • FAS2203: Trader Captains and Merchant Princes 1st Edn
  • FAS2203: Trader Captains and Merchant Princes 2nd Edn
  • FAS2204: Ship Construction Manual 1st Edn
  • FAS2204: Ship Construction Manual 2nd Edn
  • FAS2205: Denial of Destiny
  • FAS2206: Termination: 1456
  • FAS2207: Demand of Honour
  • FAS2208: The Orion Ruse
  • FAS2209: Margin of Profit
  • FAS2210: The Outcasts
  • FAS2212: A Doomsday Like Any Other
  • FAS2213: The Mines of Selka
  • FAS2214: Star Trek III Sourcebook Update
  • FAS2215: The Triangle Campaign
  • FAS2216: Graduation Exercise
  • FAS2217: Where Has All The Glory Gone?
  • FAS2218: Return to Axanar
  • FAS2218A: The Four Years War
  • FAS2219: Decision at Midnight
  • FAS2220: An Imbalance of Power
  • FAS2221: Old Soldiers Never Die
  • FAS2221A: The Romulan War
  • FAS2222: Conflict of Interests
  • FAS2222A: Klingon Intelligence Briefing
  • FAS2223: The Dixie Gambit
  • FAS2224: Star Trek IV Sourcebook Update
  • FAS2226: The Strider Incident
  • FAS2226A: Regula 1: Orbital Station Deckplans
  • FAS2227: Next Generation First Year Sourcebook
  • FAS2301: Ship Recognition Manual: The Klingon Empire
  • FAS2302: Ship Recognition Manual: Federation
  • FAS2303: Ship Recognition Manual: Romulan
  • FAS2802: Star Trek Game Master's Kit

Shadowrun RPG

  • FASA7100: Shadowrun RPG 1e (softback)
  • FASA7101: Shadowrun RPG 1e (hardback)
  • FASA7102: Gamemaster's Screen 1e
  • FASA7103: Sprawl Sites
  • FASA7104: Street Samurai Catalog
  • FASA7105: Paranormal Animals of North America
  • FASA7106: The Grimoire: The Manual of Practical Thaumaturgy 14th Edition, 2050
  • FASA7107: Virtual Realities
  • FASA7108: Rigger Black Book
  • FASA7109: Shadowbeat
  • FASA7110: ShadowTech
  • FASA7111: DMZ - Downtown Militarized Zone
  • FASA7112: Paranormal Animals of Europe
  • FASA7113: Corporate Shadowfiles
  • FASA7114: Fields of Fire
  • FASA7115: Lone Star
  • FASA7116: Prime Runners
  • FASA7117: Bug City
  • FASA7118: Corporate Security Handbook
  • FASA7119: Cybertechnology
  • FASA7120: Awakenings: New Magic in 2057
  • FASA7121: Threats
  • FASA7122: Portfolio Of A Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Secrets
  • FASA7123: Underworld Sourcebook
  • FASA7124: Cyberpirates
  • FASA7125: Corporate Download
  • FASA7126: Man & Machine: Cyberware
  • FASA7201: Seattle Sourcebook
  • FASA7202: Native American Nations, Volume One
  • FASA7203: London Sourcebook
  • FASA7204: Germany Sourcebook
  • FASA7205: The Universal Brotherhood
  • FASA7206: Neo-Anarchist's Guide to North America
  • FASA7207: Native American Nations, Volume Two
  • FASA7208: Neo-Anarchist's Guide to Real Life
  • FASA7209: California Free State
  • FASA7210: Tir Tairngire
  • FASA7211: Tir na nOg
  • FASA7212: Denver: The City of Shadows
  • FASA7213: Aztlan
  • FASA7214: Target: UCAS
  • FASA7215: Target: Smuggler Havens
  • FASA7216: New Seattle
  • FASA7219: Target: Matrix
  • FASA7301: DNA/DOA
  • FASA7302: Mercurial
  • FASA7303: Dreamchipper
  • FASA7304: Queen Euphoria
  • FASA7305: Bottled Demon
  • FASA7306: Harlequin
  • FASA7307: Dragon Hunt
  • FASA7308: Total Eclipse
  • FASA7309: Imago
  • FASA7310: Elven Fire
  • FASA7311: Ivy & Chrome
  • FASA7312: One Stage Before
  • FASA7313: Dark Angel
  • FASA7314: A Killing Glare
  • FASA7315: Celtic Double-Cross
  • FASA7316: Eye Witness
  • FASA7317: Paradise Lost
  • FASA7318: Divided Assets
  • FASA7319: Double Exposure
  • FASA7320: Harlequin's Back
  • FASA7322: Super Tuesday!
  • FASA7323: Shadows Of The Underworld
  • FASA7324: Predator And Prey
  • FASA7325: Missions
  • FASA7326: Mob War!
  • FASA7327: Blood In The Boardroom
  • FASA7328: Renraku Arcology: Shutdown
  • FASA7329: First Run
  • FASA7330: Corporate Punishment
  • FASA7331: Brainscan
  • FASA7900: Shadowrun RPG 2e (hardback)
  • FASA7901: Shadowrun RPG 2e (softback)
  • FASA7902: Gamemaster Screen 2e
  • FASA7903: The Grimoire - The Manual of Practical Thaumaturgy 15th Edition, 2053
  • FASA7904: Virtual Realities 2.0
  • FASA7905: Shadowrun Companion: Beyond The Shadows 2e
  • FASA7906: Rigger 2
  • FASA7907: Magic In The Shadows
  • FASA7908: Cannon Companion
  • FASA7909: Matrix
  • FASA7910: Rigger 3
  • FASA7401: Sprawl Maps
  • FASA7001: Shadowrun RPG 3e
  • FASA7003: Shadowrun Quick Start Rules (3e)
  • FASA7905: Shadowrun Companion 3e

Company Product list last updated: 6 January 2009