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HackMaster: Lord Flataroy`s Guide to Fortifications

Lord Flataroy's Guide to Fortifications

Not just castles themselves - to defend or to storm - but general details on feudal society and even running tournaments.

Publisher's blurb: "Players are always looking for new and creative ways to blindside the GM with trivial questions. Often these questions are mere distractions to put the GM on the defensive and interrupt the momentum built up so far. This respite gives the players more time to plot your newest encounter's destruction. GMs worthy of their status can usually throw off such trivial matters, but even the most skilled GM are often caught flatfooted when it comes to castles and their environs. Why is that? Because until now there has been no definitive game reference on the how and why of castle design, construction and population.

"Many lesser works of dubious origin have surfaced, but they pale in comparison to this mighty tome. Some works were feeble attempts to define the elements of a castle, but were pitifully lacking in examples and scope. Others were more about magic than about real structures and accurate notation. Still others were mere footnotes in larger works, never realizing the potential of a deep, thought-provoking analysis - or even having a thorough list of what makes up a castle (let alone siege engines, courtly affairs and so forth). The worst of these lesser works ineptly misled readers on the definitions of such basic elements of castles as bartizans, barbicans, and gate houses! Fear not, as this work straightens out those misconceptions and misnomers."

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Authors: Don Morgan and D.M. Zwerg
Publishers' Reference: K&C2124
ISBN: 1594590176
Paperback, 128 pages
Date: August 2004

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Product page last updated: 27 August 2006