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HackMaster 4e Product List - Supplements

Click on the cover to read about each product

Trove of Treasure Maps Goods and Gear By the Sword: Duelling in Realms of Fantasy
The Spellslinger's Guide to Wurld Domination The Combatant's Guide to Slaughtering Foes Game Master's Campaign Record
Game Master's Coupon Book The Zealot's Guide to Wurld Conversion Gawds and Demi-Gawds
The Griftmaster's Guide to Life's Wildest Dreams Player Character Record Book Garweeze Wurld Gazetteer
Garweeze Wurld Atlas HackMaster Colouring and Activity Book Lord Flataroy's Guide to Fortifications
HackJammer The Adventurer's Guide to Pixie Fairies Sir Robilar's City of Brass
Disishy: The City of History

Product List last updated: 27 January 2010