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HackMaster: Porpher`s Enchanted Garden

Porpher's Enchanted Garden

An adventure for characters of 3rd-5th level, inspired by the AD&D adventure Beyond the Crystal Cave.

Publisher's blurb: "Long ago, on the lovely Isle of Gartez, there lived a beautiful half-elven princess, Caerwyn, with her human lover, Porpher Blahar, a magic-user of some power. She, being a woman who knew, and got, what she wanted, created a beautiful garden. Porpher is said to have laid an enchantment on it to enhance the garden's beauty, and pleasantly to beguile and tease those honored few who were occasionally invited as guests to enjoy the garden of their hosts.

"But alas, all flesh is mortal, and even elves must die. So it was with Caerwyn in the fullness of time. After her passing, Porpher caused a marble tomb to be raised in the midst of the home that had given them both so much delight. Then he went about, and placed upon the garden new enchantments, bolder enchantments, of a more powerful kind, to guard and preserve its peacefulness from all intruders. When this task was done, he ceased his personal magicks and allowed his own life to slip away, leaving instructions that he and she should lie together for all eternity in the tomb within the garden of their love, so that even in death they would not be apart.

"So it remains to this very day, apparently impenetrable, a place where it is forever summer and always peaceful, and none may intrude. There have been those who have tried, spurred on by greed created with stories of great treasure entombed with the two lovers. For that is always the way with men - give him a mystery, and he needs must solve it. Many failed to even enter the garden, and of those who have and returned after a *cough* long absence, their minds and memories seemed to have been�¢?�¦altered. And I want to know what happened to my daughter.

"Dare you cross the borders of Porpher's Enchanted Garden?"

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Author: James Butler
Publishers' Reference: K&C2220
ISBN: Unknown
Paperback, pages unknown
Date: 2005

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Product page last updated: 26 August 2006