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HackMaster: Robinloft 2 - Tahd`s Legacy

Robinloft 2: Tahd's Legacy

A campaign supplement for 8th-10th level characters, which can stand alone or follow on from Robinloft.

Publisher's blurb: "Your screams still echo in your room. Cold sweat soaks the bedsheets and trickles down your back. It seemed so real! The great towers of a darksome place called Robinloft... its misty vales and the terrible tragedy of a man who sold his soul for unlife. Now the sunlight streams through the window with the promise of a new day. The dread nightmare at last is over and your fever has broken.

"In the cold sunlight of a dying autumn, you step from your room at the inn and stroll along the friendly streets of Wygen. Still, from the back of your mind, the dream creeps forward to haunt you. Why do the faces of those who have befriended you now seem to be those of strangers? Why do those who called you here in terror, now seem to dismiss your tasks as folly? And even more curiously, why are you advised so strongly to forget about the House on Griffon Hill... the domain of the fair-haired elf known as Count Tahd Vlad'Neer, a name that you find all too hauntingly familiar.

"A storm is gathering and darkness creeps through the land. Count Tahd Vlad'Neer has brought great evil to Wygen - evil that can hide in the shadows of night and even in broad daylight. Only you can save Wygen. But time grows short. Can you hack it?"

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Authors: Miceal Caudill, Joe Charles, Brad Todd, and Luke Wetterland
Publishers' Reference: K&C2217
ISBN: 1594590273
Paperback, 80 pages
Date: November 2004

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Product page last updated: 26 August 2006