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The New World of Darkness Product List

Click on the cover to read about each product

World of Darkness Core Rulebook Tales from the 13th Precinct Second Sight
Armory Chicago Shadows of the United Kingdom
Antagonists Mysterious Places Skinchangers
Ghost Stories Character Sheet Pad Shadows of Mexico
Storyteller Screen Urban Legends Book of Spirits
Asylum Reliquary Changing Breeds
Monte Cook's World of Darkness Innocents Midnight Roads
Dogs of War Inferno Armory Reloaded
Immortals Mirrors Book of the Dead
Ready Made Player Characters The Storyteller Adventure System Guide Dudes of Legend (Free Sample
Dudes of Legend (Full Version) SAS Support Kit (standard version) SAS Support Kit (interactive version)
A Night with Jack Innocents: The New Kid Mirrors: Bleeding Edge
Mirrors: Infinite Macabre Nightmare on Hill Manor Glimpses of the Unknown
Falling Scales 1 The Harvesters Chicago Workings
Ruins of Ur Slasher Fallen is Babylon
The Devil's Night The Golden Watch Falling Scales 2

Product List last updated: 23 December 2015