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Traveller: Science Fiction Adventure in the Far Future

Dating back to 1977, this creation of Marc Miller has gone from the original 'Little Black Books' of Classic Traveller through several incarnations over the years - all of which are still played by people who are convinced that 'their Traveller' is the best if not the only version worth playing! A game in which world, character and equipment design is as entertaining as the actual role-playing, it spawns furious debate and much entertaining discussion wherever it is found.

It is supported by several companies past and present, and by a thriving fan-base who are not averse to sharing material online.

Classic Traveller MegaTraveller Traveller: The New Era
Traveller 4 T20 (D20 Traveller) Mongoose Traveller
ComStar/Avenger Enterprises Mongoose Traveller II
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Setting Page last updated: 9 September 2015