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Promethean the Created: Demo

Promethean: The Created Demo

This free introductory scenario contains an adventure plus pre-generated characters and enough about the rules to enable you to run the game without reference to anything else.

The adventure itself, Virtue and Power, gives a clear impression of the nature of the world inhabited by the Prometheans, but a word to the wise - it gets quite unpleasant and requires some hard moral decisions on the part of the characters, and so is recommended for mature role-players.

In the adventure, the characters - who all are Prometheans - are dumped straight into an extremely nasty situation and first must escape and then deal with what is going on. The individual character sheets give plenty of background to enable a competent role-player to understand the character and where he is coming from - and they could probably be continued on into further adventures of the Storyteller's (GM's) own imagining... or, of course, this could be used as a taster to see if the group fancies playing Promethean: The Created before time and money is spent on setting up a campaign.

The rules summary is clear and comprehensive, and worth retaining for use by those players who have not purchased the full rulebook, or as a handy reference during play.

Overall, it is well-written and provides an adventure with plenty of options for the characters to do pretty much what they please in response to the situation in which they find themselves... coupled with enough information for the Storyteller to be able to respond to player decisions. A good introduction, ought to enable people to make an informed decision as to whether or not this is a game they want to play.

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Reviewed: 12 August 2006