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Babylon 5 1e: Galactic Guide

Galactic Guide

Ready to leave the relative safety of the Babylon 5 station and venture forth into the galaxy? Take this book along with you!

Publisher's blurb: "It's a big galaxy. This is a guide to living in it, travelling through it, and populating it.

"The Babylon 5 universe is a place where interstellar travel has been going on for literally millions of years. Uncounted sentient races have walked between the stars, and many more simply stare up at the lights in the sky and wonder if they are alone. It is a universe old enough and vast enough that many worlds are simply forgotten, waiting for centuries or millennia for explorers to find them. It is a universe rich enough in habitable worlds that many systems are left unexplored entirely, awaiting those brave or foolish enough to discover them.

"This books is about worlds and the space between them. It will tell you what life is like for a passenger on a Centauri cruiser, how to hitchhike across Alliance space, and how to determine everything about a world from the colour of its sun to the number of its continents. It also provides detail on the worlds we know, discussing previously unmentioned planets in major solar systems and highlighting exciting, beautiful or dangerous locations across the galaxy."

Megan's review

Book Details:
Author: Ian Harac
Publishers' Reference: MGP3341
ISBN: 1-904577-99-7
Hardback, 200 pages
Date: March 2005

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Product page last updated: 30 September 2021