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D20 Modern: The Combat Hero

The Combat Hero

The Combat Hero uses violence to solve problems, be it fists or firearms, as a street thug or as a government-sponsored soldier or law enforcer. The class is designed as a 'specialised class' which may be entered as early as 2nd level by a character who has already chosen their focus, or who wants to develop their combat abilities over and above other skills.

As well as a lot of bonus combat feats, the Combat Hero has access to the Defensive, Firearms Training, Leadership, Powerful and Tough talent trees. The Leadership one is quite interesting, choices from there allow the character to coordinate the rest of the team effectively, and to inspire them in times of danger.

The example characters provided are a combat medic and a big game hunter, hightlighting the versitility of the class to suit anyone who wants to be able to fight effectively irrespective of the career they wish to pursue. It's particularly useful if you are not intending to build a professional military character but still want to be able to hold your own in combat.

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Reviewed: 28 July 2006