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D20 Modern: The Special Operations Marksman

The Special Operations Marksman

This prestige class is the classic 'Sniper' - specially-trained and honed to a high degree. If you are building a SWAT team or hostage rescue team, you'll need a couple of these along with your Assaulters.

The talent trees available to this class are the Firearms Training and Sniper ones, with cross-training available in Long Range Reconnaissance. Firearms Training covers actual shooting skill, while the Sniper talent tree looks at some of the other things snipers are skilled at such as camouflage and concealment. However, the exceptional observation skills real-world snipers have to acquire are not catered for here.

Two sample snipers, both military, are provided. One is a recon specialist, the other a 'lightfighter' (light infantry specialist).

This is quite a good interpretation of a military sniper, although some of the ancillary skills - such as observation - are not included.

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Reviewed: 26 July 2006