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D20 Modern: The Capable Hero

The Capable Hero

The Capable Hero is the person with skills and experience that can be applied to a specific challenge. This class can be taken as early as 2nd level by those wishing to gain specific areas of expertise, and it can readily be used to build an NPC who is able to deliver a particular service for the party.

Talent trees provided are Craft, Knowledge and Social - reflecting the abilities of this class to develop expertise in making things, having specialist knowledge and being part of appropriate organisations in the areas of competence chosen. The knowledge talents are interesting in that they provide scope to utilse the knowledge in question, not just be a walking repository of the theory. You can also train others quickly to use a specific skill or knowledge that you possess, and focus in on a chosen skill to develop a specialist expertise in it.

Finally, sample characters are provided. There's an 'obtainer of rare artifacts' - basically a relic hunter, and a security consultant - who is quite capable of a spot of penetration testing as well as making somewhere secure.

This is a useful mechanism for developing a character with a specific area of expertise, particularly in a low-level game.

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Reviewed: 26 July 2006