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Dungeons & Dragons: The Great City - Army Ward

The Great City: Army Ward

Presented in the usual and useful style, the Army Ward details the Circus, a gatehouse, some barracks and a luxurious Headquarters building which combines a command centre with the Officers' Mess (or Officers' Club).

The Circus in particular is very interesting, and should prove useful whether you plan to 'persuade' the characters to compete, or just spectate at any of the many athletic and combatative contests it is designed for. It's a big place, with 2 stories and various entrances, seating areas, etc., which could be used to advantage for plots, fights and chases if just watching the competition is too tame.

The gatehouse is a well-detailed generic one which could be used whatever city wall or fortification you need to explore.

The barrack blocks are built to a standard layout, a bit like the real thing, and options for sleeping quarters, dining hall and an armoury are given. Naturally, these can be repeated as many times as you need depending on the size of your base.

Finally, the Headquarters is a fine building in which any army could take pride. There is plenty of room for planning daring expeditions and gallant defences, for enjoying the social side of army life and so on. Whether your characters serve in the army, have been invited to a formal dinner or have sneaked in to steal the plans for the next invasion, there is plenty of scope for adventure here.

Presentation-wise, there are the usual blue and black versions of each plan, with the ability to choose whether or not to display reference numbers, grid squares, furniture and wall fills. Overall it is an interesting addition irrespective of whether you want to use these buildings in the Great City or as individual components in a city of your own.

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Reviewed: 21 July 2006