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Palladium Fantasy Role-Playing Game

Palladium Role-playing Game

The original Palladium Role-playing Game, released in 1983 by Palladium Books, was one of the first fantasy role-playing games to attempt to create fully-rounded characters who could do a lot more than wave a sword or sling spells. This was done via a character generation system in which the whole character is built around an 'Occupational Character Class' (OCC) that determines the complete package of skills available, yet giving plenty of choice so that one longbowman, say, can be quite different from another one.

The Second Edition of 1993 - renamed Palladium Fantasy RPG - has retained the quality of the first, while subtly changing things so that it is more fully compatible with the entire megaverse that is the mainstay of Palladium Books' product. Of course, there is plenty for a character to do without venturing off into other worlds.

Palladium RPG
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Page last updated: 16 February 2019