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Legend of the Five Rings 1e: The Way of the Ratling

The Way of the Ratling

Vermin, or allies; learn more about the Nezumi here.

Publisher's blurb: "The Nezumi - disparagingly known by the people of Rokugan as Ratlings - are cunning survivors who have weathered cataclysms that have destroyed entire races. Now learn what it's like to creep alongside them. Way of the Nezumi brings L5R RPG players the opportunity to play as Ratlings, and includes complete descriptions of the major Ratling tribes, their culture, and their shaky alliance with the Crab Clan."

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Authors: Rich Wulf, Shawn Carman, Seth Mason, and Rick Raven
Publishers' Reference: AEG3032
ISBN: 1-887953-30-2
Paperback, 144 pages
Date: July 2002

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Product page last updated: 28 September 2015