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Dungeons & Dragons: The Golden Eel Inn

The Golden Eel Inn

This is the opening product in a new line, designed to meld 0one Games's map designs and mastery of PDF technology with descriptions of the locations depicted populated by well-rounded NPCs... who as a bonus are provided in both generic and D20 formats, and with some adventure seeds to get you started.

In this book, the Golden Eel Inn from The Great City: Dock Ward is given the treatment. A fine establishment, its furnishings are described in loving detail, making it easy to picture - and, indeed, to describe to your players if they choose to visit. They will need heavy purses or a wealthy patron, however!

The owner and staff are also described in great detail, really coming alive and ready to play a full part in whatever is going on, no mere backdrop. Likewise the adventure seeds give scope for making the inn a central point in your game. However, the intention is rather more delightful - as a good-quality and very expensive establishment, it is designed to feature as a landmark, as a place to which any up and coming character might aspire to be able to afford, long before the other features that an adventure make kick into play... if they ever do.

The high quality of description and interwoven plot is marred by the need for a thorough proof read... my fingers are twitching for a red pen! That aside, it is an excellent and unusual inn, well-described and a refreshing change from the usual seedy establishment most characters frequent.

From the technical standpoint it is superb. The NPCs can be provided in statistics suitable for a high, medium or low challenge, while there are a few items and traps, also scaleable, provided. Finally comes the really clever bit... a three-dimensional drawing of the inn, which you can customise by displaying with or without the roof, choosing which floor you want to see or even taking out the furniture... hmm. Must stop playing with it and finish the review!

Overall, a very original and interesting inn with plenty of scope to use as background or main focus of your campaign, presented extremely well.

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Reviewed: 24 June 2006