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Heavy Gear 2e: The New Breed

The New Breed

Drawing on Dream Pod 9's talent for rich settings across several levels, material developed for a computer game is here transferred into a role-playing setting that takes you far beyond the constraints of the computer into an exciting campaign flexible enough to slot into your own game, and detailed enough to provide a starting point for a new one. With detailed plans of the 'landships' involved, characters will be able to become crewmen or attackers, and build their own legends...

Publisher's blurb: "Based on the Heavy Gear computer game by Activision, The New Breed: Battle Before the Storm focuses on the two landships from the game. More than a simple background book, it is a prelude inspired by the characters and situations at the center of the computer game. Furthermore, this book contains a complete campaign and provides beginner Heavy Gear Gamemasters with everything they need to start their own series of adventures aboard a landship. The GMs and PCs may opt for a Northern or a Southern campaign, depending on their preferences - this book covers both options."

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Authors: Jean Carrieres, Tyler Millson-Taylor, Marc-Alexandre Vezina and Philippe R. Boulle
Publishers' Reference: DP9-035
ISBN: 1-896776-20-5
Paperback, 136 pages
Date: 1997

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Product page last updated: 7 June 2020