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Dungeons & Dragons: Curse Monsters

Monsters of Twilight: Curse Monsters

Basically this is a collection of 12 original monsters based around the theme of curses. Curses as ill-wishes deliberately or otherwise bestowed, affecting the individual and sometimes those who come in contact with it.

Each creature is not only provided with the relevant statistics, but with detailed commentary on how it operates and how to include it to good effect in your game, and even adventure hooks to help you incorporate it as an integral part of what is going on.

For example, Blood Crows (which naturally travel around in 'murders') are attracted to battlefields to feast on the remains of the recently-departed as a matter of course, but if you are a nasty-minded spellcaster you can cast curse of the blood crows on your enemy, causing them to gather around his ears even while he is still alive! They don't actually kill him themselves, although they can drive him mad and will of course feast on his remains if he does meet his end before the curse is cancelled (by the usual methods).

The monsters presented herein are all ingenious and thought through, with plenty of scope for you to use them either as incidental monsters or as the focus of an adventure or even a whole campaign. Well worth a look!

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Reviewed: 12 April 2006