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Dungeons & Dragons: Orc Sighting Tower

Battlemaps Lairs: Orc Sighting Tower

Designed to be used as a way-side encounter or as the focus of an adventure, this product provides a ruined orc outpost complete with resident half-orc. The maps - provided as one-page overview and floor-by-floor battlemaps in both colour and greyscale - show the three floors that remain, albeit in a battered condition.

Three adventure seeds are included, one of which blends in very well with the backstory provided for the featured resident of the tower... all of them could be mixed together particularly if you intend to use the tower as somewhere your characters just chance upon, rather then having them go there on purpose.

The half-orc living in the tower is presented in lots of detail, giving plenty of scope for something more than 'see monster, fight monster, kill monster' should you so wish. He's a rounded person, with his reasons for being both what he is and where he is... and it would be interesting should the characters take the time to find out about him rather than rush straight to the attack - although given his nature, he may well wish to initiate hostilities himself!

Like all the best resources, the overall feel is that things are going on irrespective of whether or not the characters happen by. It's something for them to interact with if they choose, but life in the tower will go on whether or not they go in or pass on by...

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Reviewed: 19 March 2006