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Dungeons & Dragons: The Great City - Residence Ward

The Great City: Residence Ward

The Residence Ward is the part of 0one Games's Great City where the wealthy people live. Whether your characters work for them, aspire to join their number or seek to rob them, they are bound to go there during their city sojourn.

However, this is not just a succession of fine residences, a fine inn and an upmarket gambling club are also included. The residences consist of two contrasting villas and an urban version of a wizard's tower.

The villas are interesting in that they are the town houses of new and old money respectively. 'New money' (the Andwan Villa, a name that may be familiar to followers of the adventures published by 0one Games) likes a comfortable home, while 'old money' is more restrained in the premises but have a lovely garden. The wizard obviously likes nice surroundings as well, along with space for his apprentices.

The inn - the Noble Garden Inn - does indeed have a fine garden, and also some very comfortable looking rooms for well-heeled visitors to the Great City... better-off adventurers might enjoy the luxury after a good dungeon-bash! The place also has ample provision for drinkers and diners. Likewise, the gambling house is no grubby dive, but more of an up-market casino where those who enjoy their cards and dice may do so in comfortable surroundings.

As always, the presentation is clear and easy to use, with options to print in black or blue, and to show furniture, gridlines and room numbers if you wish; along with pre-printed reference sheets which may be used for your own notes.

Overall, an interesting addition to the series, particularly for the villas... inn plans are easy to come by, I have even seen a gambling establishment before, but up-market private houses are rarely provided unless they are the centre-piece setting of an adventure. More would be nice, of course!

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Reviewed: 18 March 2006