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Bulldogs!: Robots

Bulldog! - Robots

Written for the Bulldogs! Sci-Fi d20 RPG by Silven Publishing, read this to discover the origin of robots, their role in the galaxy and detailed information on their technology, makeup and usage in a game.

Publisher's blurb: "You can't have science fiction without them, and yet they differ so significantly from other creatures. Intelligent beings can't seem to resist dabbling in the creation of artifical life, but creating artificial beings is not without risk: as we have speculated time and time again in popular fiction, discovering the secrets of artificial intelligence could open a door that cannot be closed. How do these mechanical life forms think and behave? What part do they play in future society? What if it's too late and the genie is already out of the bottle?"

Megan's review

Book Details:
Author: Matt Carter
Publishers' Reference: SP1005
ISBN: n/a
PDF, 96 pages
Date: February 2006

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Product page last updated: 8 October 2006