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Dungeons & Dragons: Fool`s Abbey

Fool's Abbey

Despite the name, this adventure location is actually an inn in a small village. An inn with a dark secret, and a tendency for patrons to disappear... and shall we say it's best not to enquire too closely as to what's in the stew?

The establishment and the people dwelling and working there are well-described. Ideas are provided for reasons why your characters might go there... or they may just arrive in the village (unnamed, you'll have to locate the Fool's Abbey somewhere in your campaign world) at supper time. The place is noted for both the quality of the entertainment and the excellent food, so many people come deliberately even if it is a bit remote. Indeed, it is regarded as being advisable to book if you intend to dine.

There's one very useful magic item here - an orb of freezing, which can cool a 50 square foot area down to a suitable temperature for preseving food. Every inn ought to have one - a snip at a mere 4800 gp!

Visitors who don't go prowling around may - if they are lucky - never notice that anything is wrong here. Poke around a bit, or attract the attention of the villain of the piece and things might get a bit more tricky, somewhat more than the pleasant evening of food, drink and song followed by a nice place to sleep that you were expecting when you walked in the door.

Short, simple and very-nicely put together. Welcome to the Fool's Abbey!

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Reviewed: 5 February 2006