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Dungeons & Dragons: Legends of Avadnu

Legends of Avadnu

This product presents eighteen new monsters, designed to challenge epic-level characters. While these creatures are native to the world of Avadnu, they can be used to good effect in any other setting.

First, however, there are some new feats suitable for epic-level monsters. They have been developed for the monsters in this book, but can of course be added to existing monsters or used in your own designs as well. Things like a gaze weapon so powerful that it is still effective when the monster has been slain, and the ability to swallow a foe whole with one gulp.

Then come the monsters themselves. Each is presented with not just the usual stat block and description but with useful additions such as suggestions for what you can do with the remains after you've killed it and notes on its particular position and role in Avadnu. Each creature is illustrated as well (the illustrations are available as a free PDF download from the Inner Circle Games website, for DMs who like to flash pictures at the players to show them what they see). The first entry is actually a template - the 'Bygone,' a pale refection of a creature of legend. While a character who has met the real thing will be able to tell the difference, someone who has only ever heard the legends will probably think that he's encountered the genuine article. An example, the bygone uvuudaums, is provided to show how this might work - complete, of course, with the background to the original creature.

Most of the creatures are generally unfriendly and should you encounter them it is likely that a fight will ensure. Some, however, may be open to negotiation. Each monster is accompanied with an adventure idea, often a reason why you might want to go and search out a specimen. For example, when killed a dreadspawn exudes a substance from its eyes that can be used as a potion of resurrection, so the adventure idea is that a king has died without an obvious heir, threatening to plunge his kingdom into violent civil war. So the characters are asked to get hold of a sample of this substance so that the king can be returned to life and encouraged to arrange for his succession!

Finally, there are a couple of pages of notes describing how monsters from the Epic Level Handbook can be incorporated into a game in Avadnu.

If you enjoy high level games, this is a fine collection of monsters to challenge your characters, all presented in beautiful detail with enough background for them to be a lot more than just something to thump!

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Reviewed: 5 February 2006