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Dungeons & Dragons: NPCyclopaedia - Psionics

NPCyclopaedia: Psionics

The basic premise behind this book is to provide a DM with a range of well-developed NPCs to use in a campaign in which psionics play a part, either when preparing original adventures or when wishing to adapt published material (which often does not include psionic characters as not everyone likes to use them) to accommodate their wish for a more psionic-oriented campaign.

This is accomplised in a simple and straightforward way. Eleven psionic characters are presented in incredible detail. Each has a full background and life-story, and then is presented in 20 stat blocks, one for each level from 1st to 20th, including increasing numbers of items, possessions, etc., to reflect the rising levels. Naturally, you can amend the background to suit your own plotline - or you may find ideas spawning as you read through what has been written, basing your own adventures or even a whole campaign around one or more of these characters.

The characters are a cleric, a rather geeky wizard who discovered psionics and took a whole new path, a half-giant psychic warrior, a drow who's pretty nasty even by drow standards, an ugly half-orc girl who found herself through her psionics and developed into a healer, a half-elf monk who survived life as a slave-gladiator, a xeph adventurer turned vigilante, a devious doppleganger who uses his abilities to further his quest for political power, an orphan female rogue who helps the downtrodden, a dromite with anger management problems, and a duegar ranger with a violent streak and the nickname 'Mindsplitter.' Each has so much background and detail that they really start coming alive, you start to see the entire alternate reality growing up around them.

By having each character presented as they develop through the levels, it makes it possible to make one a recurrent friend or foe to your party, rising in level as they do, maintaining consistency without you needing to do very much work!

The work is rounded off with some new feats items and psionic powers - ones developed for the NPCs, but which may be of use elsewhere in your game.

In terms of providing well-detailed NPCs, this is a fine example to anyone wishing to create such a resource, and it may even give individual DMs ideas on how to develop characters of their own devising, or an NPC from a scenario that they would like to have turn up again later... the scope is endless.

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Reviewed: 4 February 2006