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Dungeons & Dragons: The Fungal Corridor

The Fungal Corridor

Basically, this section drawn from The Dungeon Under the Mountain complex details a single hidden corridor which has been overgrown by some fascinating fungi. However, botanists should really stay out - all the creatures in here are unfriendly and there are also a few nasty traps to avoid!

Making good use of the 'Rule The Dungeon' technology, the description of this area allows you to choose a high, middle or low threat level for the whole corridor, as well as to vary the challenge level of individual components - monster statistics, monster combat tactics, treasure/XP and trap difficulty. There is also a space in which to type in your own notes and comments, which can be saved for future use. The maps include an overview for the DM and larger sections than can be used as battlemaps by miniatures users.

While intended as a section of populated dungeon for the Dungeon Under the Mountain, you can of course drop this pleasant little back alley into a dungeon or other structure of your own choosing - perhaps it's a disused smugglers' tunnel that has become overrun by the local wildlife - if you prefer.

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Reviewed: 4 February 2006