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Dungeons & Dragons: The Great City

The Great City

Melding technology with tradition, this set of maps is designed to be the first in a series detailing an entire city to be placed in your fantasy world. The maps are presented in both blue and black, and with various customisation options that take PDF technology to extremes.

This mapset is the key reference, an overview of the entire city presented as both a single sheet map and as six larger, more detailed maps of the component districts or wards of the city (which will be gone into in even more detail in later products). It's all designed to be modular, so that if you don't fancy a particular district you can swap it out - future plans include alternate wards that will link in just as seamlessly into the whole as the original set.

The city comes with just about everything you might need from docks and markets through residential areas - smart and more crowded - to a temple district, a castle, a military base and even a graveyard. You have the option of adding reference numbers, so that you can cross-reference notes to buildings, or leave them off for the version you put in front of your players. Even in these 'summary' maps of the districts the detail is quite extensive with individual buildings and even trees marked, so it will be interesting to see what comes in the following works... plans of individual premises, perhaps?

Following the maps, there are some reference sheets. Names have been assigned to the numbered buildings and there is space to add your own brief notes.

Overall, yet another impressive product which ought to be of use to anyone who likes running city-based adventures... there's loads of scope here!

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Reviewed: 19 January 2006