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Dungeons & Dragons: Love Forlorn

Love Forlorn

This adventure is a little out of the ordinary, with a good mix of murder mystery and feelings as well as combat. It's designed to be dropped into an ongoing campaign - as with so many such, the characters are confronted by a given situation when they enter the town in which it is set. The name of the town, and most of the other things about it, are not particularly important, so if your characters already know the area, just choose a suitable township and set the adventure there.

It seems that a while back, the militia commander from another township nearby sought the hand of the daughter of this town's mayor. All seemed well, until the militia were sent off to investigate some strange events and didn't come back. The young lady in question mourned her lost love for a while, but now has found herself another young man and seems back on track for married bliss...

Then she disappears. Her new boyfriend is distraught and seeking her desperately, but oddly enough her father doesn't seem to care. Fortunately the town council does show more concern, so if the boyfriend's slender purse does not impress your adventurers, the council can offer more substantial rewards.

In solving the mystery and finding the missing girl, there's quite a lot of opportunity for interaction with various people and even a spot of crime scene investigation; as well as a good fight at the climax of the search.

This adventure will make a good side-trek event one time when your party is in a suitable area, and could probably be played out in a single session.

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Reviewed: 8 January 2006