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Thrilling Tales: Suddenly... Encounters

Suddenly... Encounters

Complete with 5 ready-made classic pulp events to drop into your game.

Publisher's blurb: "THRILLING TALES: Suddenly...Encounters! presents a series of short THRILLING TALES encounters that can be dropped into any pulp-genre adventure to spice things up! Each entry contains details of the encounter, a discussion of how characters might interact with it, and an array of elements you can introduce to further complicate the situation. You can use the supplement to jump-start a stalled situation, or as a jumping-off point for an entirely new adventure!"

More when I get hold of a copy!

Click HERE to buy this from RPG Now or click HERE if you prefer to buy from DriveThruRPG.com

Book Details:
Author: Shannon Kalvar
Publishers' Reference: ADM3019
ISBN: n/a
PDF, 31 pages
Date: September 2005

Product page last updated: 3 January 2006