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D20 Modern: Thrilling Tales Product

Click on the cover to read about each product

Advanced Class: Man of Mystery Advanced Class: Air Ace Advanced Class: Paragon
Advanced Class: Mesmerist Advanced Class: Mastermind Advanced Class: Mad Scientist
Advanced Class: Noble Savage The Mummy's Revenge Advanced Class: G-Man
Pulp Villains: Nazis Advanced Class: Gumshoe Advanced Class: Ace Reporter
Advanced Class: Rocket Ranger Advanced Class: Boxer Lost Temple of the Incan Blood God
Pulp Villains: Thugee Dragon Island Suddenly... The Door Bursts In!
Suddenly... Encounters Advanced Class: Fortune Hunter Advanced Class: Femme Fatale
Advanced Class: Big Game Hunter The Mind Murders Zeppelin Adventures
The Gamemaster's Guide to Pulp Adventures Advanced Class Collection 1 Advanced Class Collection 2
Radar Men from the Moon # 1: Moon Rocket Radar Men from the Moon # 2: Molten Terror Radar Men From The Moon # 3: Bridge of Death
Radar Men from the Moon # 4: Flight to Destruction Radar Men from the Moon # 5: Murder Car Radar Men from the Moon # 6: Hills of Death
Radar Men from the Moon # 7: Camouflaged Destruction The Steel Legion Radar Men from the Moon # 8: The Enemy Planet
Radar Men From the Moon # 9: Battle in the Stratosphere Advanced Class: Mobster Advanced Class: Gun Moll
Radar Men from the Moon # 10: Mass Execution Spears of the Tisangani Radar Men From the Moon # 11 & 12
Thrilling Tales Omnibus Edition Advanced Class: Hooded Terror Advanced Class: Cowboy Hero
Rocket Raiders Pulp Villains: Perils of the Orient

Product List last updated: 2 June 2007