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Dungeons & Dragons: Orc Fortress

Orc Fortress

About as spiky and pleasant as your average orc, this fortress squats high amidst the mountains - and looks pretty chilly! As always, you need to supply the story and anything over and above the bare bones of contents, but if you have ideas but no time or talent for mapping this will come in useful. Look through the fortress and ideas will come.

Of course, you might decide not to let orcs live there at all, or not any more. Someone else, someone nastier, may have taken over. The choice is yours. This product is a good half-way house between having to do everything for yourself and having a fully-detailed scenario - ideal for the creative person looking for a setting to spawn ideas, or who wants a nice mountain lair for his villain...

The entire fortress is mapped out in both blue and black, with the usual customisable features: you can have the furniature provided or not, show room numbers, display the scale grid and decide whether you want the main walls filled in solid colour or displayed in outline. A handy numbered list page is provided for you to jot down notes linked to locations on the map - maybe you want a numbered version for yourself and a blank one showing just the outline for the players to look at - maybe a sketch provided for them by a rather artistic spy!

0one Games continues to fill the niche they have carved for themselves with imaginative tools that inspire DMs to start coming up with their own ideas. (I think it may have been a mistake to write this review just before going to bed!)

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Reviewed: 30 November 2005