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Spycraft 2.0: Core Rules

Spycraft 2.0 Core Rules

Revised, improved and tightly-packed, the new version promises much adventure to come... A Second Printing is now available (May 2006), with errata folded in and a rewritten Gear chapter.

Publisher's blurb: "Beyond espionage, beyond military mayhem, Spycraft 2.0 is your gateway to an unlimited world of modern action-adventure! It takes the wildly popular Spycraft RPG d20 system to a whole new level, expanding and updating character options, condensing and refining the rules set, and providing the platform for any scenario from any genre in any setting! Whether your play style is intimate or epic, freeform or stat-driven, this landmark release contains everything you need to launch into the adventure today!"

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Authors: Alex Flagg, Scott Gearing and Patrick Kapera
Publishers' Reference: AEG1820
ISBN: 1-59472-037-1
Hardback, 496 pages
Date: August 2005

Product page last updated: 17 January 2015