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Dungeons & Dragons: Battlemaps Lairs - White Dragon`s Lair

Battlemaps Lairs: White Dragon's Lair

Here is a collection of caverns, part - as usual with this series - of a larger complex. This time it's the home of a white dragon, and comes complete with odd blue crystalline structures that are supposed to be ice crystals.

The outer chamber contains a frozen pool, while the middle one is pretty much empty (maybe it's where the dragon likes to curl up) and the inner area contains the dragon's horde.

The artwork is in the normal 0one style, and fits in with other products well should you wish to make this part of a larger fully-mapped complex. You can print in colour or greyscale, and there's an option to remove the contents of the caves before printing (if you really want to get rid of the crystals... but of course someone might have already stolen the treasure). Looking at the scale, it must be a fairly small dragon - a larger one wouldn't fit, especially the passage between the big chamber and the treasure cave. Or maybe that's the problem: and a dragon wishes to negotiate some assistance in moving his horde!

There are a couple of ideas for how your characters might find their way there, and what has been going on - or of course you can come up with your own ideas.

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Reviewed: 27 July 2005