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Savage Worlds: Green`s Guide to Ghosts

Green's Guide to Ghosts

Savage World's version, there's also a D20 version available.

Publisher's blurb: "So you think strapping a nuclear reactor to your back and waving a proton-thingamahoochie around makes you a ghost hunter? Think again! My name is Jackson Green, and I'm a professional ghost hunter. I've seen some stuff that would make your hair curl if it's straight or straighten it out if it's curly. Ghost hunting is a job that requires preparation. Walking into a supernatural situation without the right instruments and knowledge is like trying to fix a '56 Chevy without a toolbox.

"This guide is your toolbox. It's a collection of notes from my close brushes with the supernatural, and hopefully this book can help you avoid some of the bumps and bruises I earned by learning things the hard way."

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Authors: Preston P. DeBose and Ed Wetterman
Publishers' Reference: TWL0015
ISBN: n/a
PDF, 51 pages
Date: April 2005

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Product page last updated: 1 March 2008