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Dunham Studios

Dunham Studios

Dunham Studios are the publishers of a 'High Fantasy' line of setting, source and adventure material for DUNGEONS & DRAGONS 3e. The setting is called the Elemental Lands, although much of the material presented can be adapted to another setting of your choice if you don't want to run your game there.

Distributing via PDF download, products are enhanced with detailed maps and ancillary material for the DM, including 'battlemaps' for those who use miniatures in their games. To this end, they have also produced 'Tile Sets' - full colour illustrations of various monsters on tiles scaled to fit onto the battlemaps or any other miniature scene. Some of the monsters are those mentioned in their own adventures, while others are of more general use. Separate 'player maps' are also provided where appropriate, as well as full-colour ones for the DM.

Further, as enthusiasts for traditional dungeon exploration adventures, they have coined the term 'Undercity' as a generic descriptor for such adventures, placed much of their own material into OGL, and invited others to contribute their own maps and adventures to extend the Undercity further.

Visit their website.