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TimeMaster: TimeMaster Screen + Missing PT-109 Adventure

TimeMaster Screen & Missing: PT-109 Adventure

Investigate some more recent history... from the life of President John F. Kennedy of the USA, but not the assassination, a bit earlier...

Publisher's blurb: "PT-109 creeps through Pacific waters on a single engine, its murmur dissolving in the breeze. Lt. John F. Kennedy stands at the helm. A crewman cries out "Ship ahead at 2 o'clock!", but the night blankets its true identity as it bears down on the plywood hull of the little PT. Seventeen years later, in 1960, Richard Nixon is elected president and the Time Corps wants to know what really happened to JFK in '43. Self-standing screen features vital charts and tables for the TimeMaster game in one attractive, convenient place."

Megan's review

Book Details:
Author: Carl Smith
Publishers' Reference: PAC3004
ISBN: 0-917609-11-5
Heavy gatefold screen, 8-1/2x11"; 16 page adventure with four blank character sheets
Date: 1984

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Product page last updated: 1 January 2008