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TimeMaster: Core Rules

Time Master: Adventures in the 4th Dimension

Core rules for a time-travelling extravaganza - just be careful not to kill your grandfather (at least, not before he meets your grandmother!).

Publisher's blurb: "Lurching into action, your battered chronoscooter crosses the void of time and space. Another lurch, and the vertigo fades. The countryside comes into view. Knights in armor battle, clanging sword against shield, and then someone blasts at your neck with a laser beam. Once again, all of Time is a mess, and as an agent of the Time Corps, you must set this world straight or die trying! Adventure to any place, any time, in this universe and beyond! The TimeMaster Roleplaying Game makes you master of the "Fourth Dimension", guiding you to the ultimate adventure in history, legend, and science fiction. Fight cunning aliens and savage renegades who twist Time to their own purposes. Only skill and wit stand between the world you know and absolute chaos!"

More when I get hold of a copy!

Click HERE to get a PDF version from DriveThruRPG.com

Book Details:
Authors: Gali Sanchez, Garry Spiegle, Mark Acres, Andria Hayday, Carl Smith and Andria Hayday
Publishers' Reference: PAC3001
ISBN: 0-917609-02-6
Paperback, 112 pages
Date: 1984

Product page last updated: 2 July 2005