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Heavy Gear: Storyline Book 2: Blood on the Wind

Storyline Book 2: Blood on the Wind

This book continues the 'storyline' concept, providing further timeline information and events that you can weave into your own HEAVY GEAR campaign.

Publisher's blurb: "Thor Hutchison, the leader of the Revisionist Church, has just been assassinated. Fifteen cycles of suspicion and tension finally come to a head as the planet of Terra Nova explodes into the Interpolar War. But no one anticipates just how costly this war will be. Mighty armies clash at the poles and throughout the Badlands, reducing peaceful desert communities to smoking ruins. A medical crisis grips the Humanist Alliance while diplomatic betrayal sends the North headlong into conflict. A few heroic individuals try to save what peace they can, fighting to keep parts of the Badlands free. But even their effort may not be enough.

"Blood on the Wind, the second Heavy Gear Storyline Book, is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Crisis of Faith. It traces the cataclysmic events on the world of Terra Nova, the setting of Heavy Gear, through a collection of journals, articles and conversations. Master spy Nicosa Renault searches through her mighty records in search of explanations for the world-shaking events, and the reader follows her inquiries. Blood on the Wind also features a useful appendix with a full time-line of events, advice for Heavy Gear players and profiles of important characters."

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Authors: Unknown.
Publishers' Reference: DP9-034
ISBN: 1-896776-27-2
Paperback, 80 pages
Date: Unknown.

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Product page last updated: 20 July 2006