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D20 Modern: Blood and Brains - NCRPC

Blood and Brains: NCRPC

This 2-page freebie is a complete run-down of the National Centre for Reanimation Prevention and Control, the organisation that has been provided for Blood and Brains: The Zombie Hunter's Guide. It's packed with sufficient detail for it to become a major player in any zombie campaign or scenario, with ideas on how to get them involved. Maybe the characters are agents of the NCRPC, maybe they just turn up at a zombie infestation that the characters are already dealing with... maybe they even blame the character for what has gone on so far.

It's amazing just how much information is packed in - a good example of how to convey information concisely. Of course, you'd need to flesh it out a bit, add some key NPCs and build the generic agents that your characters will interact with - but it would also make a good handout to give to the players, particularly if they are hired by the NCRPC or are exceptionally good at Internet research or asking around in the shadier corners of government. While it's designed as a US organisation, the rationale for agents turning up elsewhere in the world is covered, or you could adapt the concept to fit in with another country if you prefer.

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Reviewed: 7 April 2005