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Vampire the Requiem 1e: Lancea Sanctum

Lancea Sanctum

This book contains details of an order or 'covenant' of vampires, with plenty of new rules for vampires of all bloodlines and clans to enjoy.

Publisher's blurb: "I am God's holy monster, the drinker of mankind. For so long, I could not see the role I would play, because I looked for it with human, mortal eyes. So I put forth the truth in these pages, for you who seek as I have sought. I am not some godless beast who stalks beneath the dark grandeur of sanctity. I am the grandeur. I am sanctified - The Testament of Longinus"

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Authors: Alan Alexander, Kraig Blackwelder, Travis-Jason Feldstein, Will Hindmarch, Jacob Klunder, Christopher Kobar, and Chuck Wendig
Publishers' Reference: WW25001
ISBN: 1-58846-249-8
Hardback, 224 pages
Date: March 2005

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Product page last updated: 24 December 2015