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Vampire: The Requiem 1e Product

Click on the cover to read about each product

Vampire Demo: Danse de la Mort Vampire: The Requiem Core Book Lancea Sanctum
The Blood Coteries Nomads
Bloodlines: The Hidden Bloodlines: The Legendary Bloodlines: The Chosen
Ghouls: Thralls of the Damned Belial's Brood Lords Over the Damned: Ventrue
Shadows in the Dark: Mekhet The Beast That Haunts the Blood: Nosferatu Kiss of the Succubus: Daeva
Savage and Macabre: Gangrel Ordo Dracul Invictus
Requiem for Rome City of the Damned: New Orleans Rites of the Dragon
VII Requiem Chronicler's Guide Carthians
Mythologies Circle of the Crone Damnation City
Damnation City District Map Segments Fall of the Camarilla Night Horrors: Immortal Sinners
Ancient Mysteries Ancient Bloodlines Night Horrors: Wicked Dead
The Danse Macabre New Wave Requiem Storyteller's Screen
Vampire Character Sheet Pad Vampire the Requiem for Dummies The Resurrectionists
Night Horrors: Count F****** Dracula Ready-Made Player Characters: The Slaughterhouse V The Testament of Longinus
Paterfamilias The Hungry Streets Invite Only
Vampire Translation Guide Scenes of the Embrace Into the Void
Strange, Dead Love Blood Sorcery: Sacraments and Blasphemies Blood Red and Ash Grey
Criminal Intent Scenes of Frenzy The Unquiet Dead
The Resurrectionists Collection

Product List last updated: 24 December 2015