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D20 Modern: Bloodlines


This is an adventure that will repay the GM taking the time to prepare thoroughly before the game begins, it's not something to pick up and run. The effort, however, will be repaid and in great measure: it is a well thought out, coherent and fascinating tale of horror to keep your players on the edge of their seats and their characters in mortal terror.

The characters are enticed into the adventure by being invited to take part in a 'geocaching' competition. Geocaching is a sort of treasure hunt with the clues being GPS locations. Don't ignore the 'hook' provided, it isn't just there as a means to get the characters into the adventure, it is itself a part of the adventure... an unusual and welcome touch many adventures ignore.

Once hooked, the characters are led a merry chase through the area, meeting many interesting people who - although all a bit on the odd side - do give the impression of having a life away from the adventure itself. Although there are moments when violence (or running like mad!) are the only ways for the characters to save their skins - even their very souls - most of the adventure involves investigation and exploration, so it may not be the most suitable for groups who like combat-heavy games. Everything is well-supported, with good handouts and frequent checklists to aid the GM to ensure that all the evidence that ought to be available to the characters has been presented - or at least, they've been given the chance to find it!

The whole thing has a compelling underlying logic to it, that you end up wondering if it just might have happened, somewhere, in some alternate reality. The potential is here for an epic horror adventure.

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Reviewed: 18 February 2005