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Dungeons & Dragons: Battlemaps - Slave Ship

Battlemaps: Slave Ship

Beautifully presented in both greyscale and full colour, this product contains detailed plans for an entire small sailing ship. It's the Cottonmouth from the adventure Blood Runs Cold, but naturally has many uses even if you don't want to use that particular adventure in your campaign.

Miniatures-users who want to have a fight on a ship are in for a treat, they can - if they have enough room - have the entire deck of the ship laid out as a battlemap on which to hold their combat. There are numerous other pictures, useful to show your players or just as inspiration - side and top views of the ship and so on.

Even by 0one Games's usual standard, this one is beautiful to look at - and should come in useful too when a ship is needed in the game.

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Reviewed: 16 February 2005