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Dungeons & Dragons 3e: Thieves` Guild

Thieves' Guild

The next entry in the Blueprints series presents fully-detailed Thieves' Guild premises. Well, that's how it started out, whether this is still true is up to you. Maybe it's the new home for your party of characters - or the lair of the banes of their lives in their home town! Or it's fallen into ruin and the characters want to see what pickings have been left... as always, the choice is yours.

Like the best 'organised crime' the place is well-disguised with the ground floor being occupied with legitimate business premises: a tavern, a forge and a stables... all of which are likely to be useful to the thieves upstairs and may even be run by them as a cover for their other activities. The upper levels of the building provide spacious living quarters and training facilities, and if your Thieves' Guild is in need of information or has to keep its members in line, there's even a dungeon and torture chamber below! For those secret forays into the city, there is access to the sewers, although you will need to sneak past a crypt or two to get there.

Technically, the maps come as blue or black vector (scalable) images, with some customisation possible - you can have a scale grid overlay, room numbers, and furniture... or not, as you prefer. Several pages of suggested room designations are given, plus a blank chart if you want to do it differently. Again, a very useful product that every DM really ought to have available.

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Reviewed: 16 February 2005