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HackMaster: The Hidden Shrine

The Hidden Shrine

Aimed at a party of 4th-6th level.

Publisher's blurb: "The Slaz'Steceks were once a highly technologically and magically advanced reptilian race. They created glorious cities that none could match and were said to have had the power to control time and travel the dimensional planes. They created a hidden shrine that was said to be the center of their power. But over night their entire civilization crumbled and today they are nothing more than a race of savage tribal warriors. What caused this catastrophe? Could this ancient shrine of theirs perhaps hold some clue to what happened? Only those who survive will discover the answers and bring home the lost treasures of the Slaz'Steceks."

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Authors: Paul Glozeris
Publishers' Reference: K&C2210
ISBN: 1-889182-89-3
Paperback, 48 pages
Date: October 2003

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Product page last updated: 26 August 2006