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HackMaster: Descent into the Netherdeep

Descent into the Netherdeep

An adventure for characters of 9th-12th level, which may be run stand-alone or as a sequel to Annihilate the Giants.

Publisher's blurb: "Having annihilated the Giant Prince Snorre, it was discovered that the drow were the instigators of the uprising. After a fierce fight, the cowardly dark elves have retreated into the NetherDeep and it is up to your players to go down and destroy them on their home turf. Strange creatures unseen on the surface world populate its darkened caves and warrens. Certainly peril lies ahead for only the most savage of creatures (and luckiest of players)can survive in the dreary depths!"

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Authors: Steve Johansson and Don Morgan
Publishers' Reference: K&C2206
ISBN: 1-889182-67-2
Paperback, 48 pages
Date: April 2003

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Product page last updated: 26 August 2006